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First Ride: 2009 Road Glide

Cycle World has gotten their hands on a 2009 Harley-Davidson Road Glide, and after a decently log trip, has written it up.  Apparently, they like the new changes.

In the end, the outside image remains quite traditional, but underneath is an ever-improving riding experience. The Road Glide is a very comfortable, easy-to-ride motorcycle in the Harley-Davidson touring tradition. But now it gives you a more solid position to make decisions about where you want to go, taking life’s curves with confidence and composure.

There’s not a lot of external change to the touring models, but there are big changes under the skin.The main change HD has made is to the frame.  That’s where the bit about taking curves with confidence and composure comes from.  The new frame apparently adds a signifigant amount of stability on the curvy bits, allowing you to ride with more confidence.  Additionally, the MoCo’s engineers have decoupled braking and steering, so adding in a little trail brake doesn’t break you out of your line.

If I were to get another Harley, the Road Glide is the bike at the very top of my list.

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