Buy a Hog, get HOG stock

A Harley-Davidson dealer in Milwaukee has come up with an interesting promotional idea.

Milwaukee Harley-Davidson on the city’s northwest side is giving 100 shares of Harley stock to any customer who buys a 2008 model motorcycle and 50 shares with the purchase of a 2009 model.

I’m not sure if that’s as big of a draw as they think.  HOG stock hasn’t been doing very well.

Shares of Milwaukee-based Harley-Davidson closed at $16.72 on Dec. 9. The 52-week high was $49.56 per share, recorded in December 2007.

I guess whether it’s a good deal depends on whether you think that a decline of more than 50% in the last year means that this is a great buying opportunity…or we’re still in a price decline for the company’s stock.  But, based on the way the economy has been going, I wouldn’t look for a return to that fifty bucks per share any time soon.

Maybe they can get a bailout…