Lawyering Up

I’m not even gonna try to deal with this myself.  I got rear-ended in my SUV a couple of years ago, and I handled it myself, and I got screwed.

No, this time, I’ve already set the lawyer wheels in motion.  Their investigator is coming by today to look at the bike, and my hurty toe.

What really gets my goat is that the guy who hit me was a professional driver, working for a commercial livery service, not some stupid airhead soccer mom on a cell phone.  He should know better.  It’s his job.

So, I’m not gonna be some patsy for his company’s insurance carrier.  I’m gonna get someone who damn well knows how this stuff works, and can ensure that I am made whole again.  I want my bike fixed or replaced, my medical bills paid, my gear replaced, and to be repaid for the time away from work this is gonna cost me.

I was just out in the garage looking at Fidget, and I was just sick.  There’s this beautiful motorcycle I put my money and time into getting it just the way I wanted, and now she’s wrecked.

I’m pissed off.