I write stuff. A lot of it is about cars and motorcycles.

I’m Not Dead

I’m still here.  Still loving motorcycles.  Still wanting to write about them.

My problem, however, has been time.  Since May, I’ve been crammming to finish my Master’s degree, and keep my web development business going.  The master’s degree was the tough one.  Since May, I’ve had to take the CMBA exam, and complete my master’s thesis/project, and do the oral defense for it.

It was pretty hairy, and I had to put in a lot of hours.

And finally, in preparation to begin again, I had to switch over from a Blogger account and put the blog on my own web site, where I have more control over the look and feel.  I think this blog is a LOT better-looking.

But, I’m done!  And that means I can go back to writing about motorcycles.

And there’s a lot to write about…

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