The New K1300GT

The Boys of Bayern have upgraded their premier sport-tourer.  The New K1300GT is on the way.

2009 BMW K1300GT

When you absolutely, positively have to spend $21,000 on a motorcycle  BMW has just the bike for you.

Of course, it has every conceivable farkle, and the new 1293cc powerplant puts out 160HP. At the crank, of course.

It makes me wish I had money to burn.

Harley-Davidson XR1200 Coming Soon

Today, I got a nice email from Kelly Yahr at Harley-Davidson.  Wanting me to talk about the upcoming US debut of the Sportster XR1200 in December.

HD 1200R
HD XR1200 - Static

It looks like Harley is going back to the Sportster’s flat-track roots with this one.  The Europeans have had a chance to play around with this model for about 8 months now, but no one on this side of the pond has gotten a chance to see it yet.

I also notice that the promo material for the bike looks a bit different.  No…uh…older gentlemen tooling around at cruising speed, perhaps with a girl, both of them wearing half-helmets.  Instead, they seem to be going for a sense of speed and motion.

HD 1200R In Motion
HD XR1200 In Motion

And with a full-face helmet, yet.

Maybe this will help the MoCo “youthen” their image a little bit.  God knows they need to.  The average HD guy is, what, 55 or something now?  If the MoCo wants to stay in this game, they are gonna need to branch out a little bit, and capture some younger riders.

They make the most beautiful cruisers in the world, but they need something more to attract a new generation of riders, who are used to a bit more in the performance and handling categories than Harley is giving them.

Maybe this new Sporty is a step in that direction.  They’ve cranked up the V-Twin EVO to 90HP–a big increase from the 70HP on my Sporty.  Dropped in Nissin dual disks on the front end of that sucker, too.  Heck, it’ll probably do stoppies now, if you want to.

The MoCo got Scott Parker and Rich King, along with Euro GP racer Adrien Morillas in to help them design the thing, so presumably it’s got a bit of the ol’ flat-track spirit in her. As it is, this is the closest thing to a Sportbike that HArley has made in a long while.

I did get a bit of a start when I saw the static pic, and noticed the big square thing forward of the engine.  Surely, I though, that isn’t a…radiator!  And, so I had to go to a European bike web site, just to reassure myself that it is, indeed, still an air-cooled engine.

But, dang me if that don’t look like a radiator.

Motorcycle.Com had a pretty good review of the XR several months ago.  They seemed to like it pretty well.  But in looking over the European sites for more info on the bike, I ran across this review, which stated:

Basically, perhaps rattling basically, the Harley-Davidson XR1200R is a beatific bike. Dynamically the XR1200R performs and handles meliorate than some Harley before. It’s speed (if not just fast), recreation to intercommunicate around and looks good, too.

Well.  I don’t think I can really add anything to that.

I’m Not Dead

I’m still here.  Still loving motorcycles.  Still wanting to write about them.

My problem, however, has been time.  Since May, I’ve been crammming to finish my Master’s degree, and keep my web development business going.  The master’s degree was the tough one.  Since May, I’ve had to take the CMBA exam, and complete my master’s thesis/project, and do the oral defense for it.

It was pretty hairy, and I had to put in a lot of hours.

And finally, in preparation to begin again, I had to switch over from a Blogger account and put the blog on my own web site, where I have more control over the look and feel.  I think this blog is a LOT better-looking.

But, I’m done!  And that means I can go back to writing about motorcycles.

And there’s a lot to write about…