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The Mystery Deepens

Well, after spending all morning at the dealership, they still don’t know why the bike is popping on deceleration. It’s not throwing an error code. No warning lights are displayed. According to the bike’s ECU, everything is peachy keen.

They’re going to have to call Yamaha tomorrow, and see if the corporate tech boys have a clue.

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2 Responses to The Mystery Deepens

  • Hi Dale,

    Any news on the Feej? Hope both the bike and and you folks are doing well. Looking forward to meeting ya’ll at the ride on the 24th.


  • I am most assuredly incorrect but would like to suggest a couple of things.
    Tighten the valve specs to the tightest allowed, secondly balance the throttle bodies, both mechanically and fuel air mix respectively. These issues can prove to be diabolical in proving why a backfire/pop occurs.
    Best O luck.