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Nothing’s Wrong, Apparently

The FJR is back in the garage. Apparently, it’s fine. The noise I’m hearing is the air injection into the exhaust system to ignite any remaining unburned fuel. The 2007 and 2008 FJR on their showroom makes the same noise on deceleration.

Part of the problem is that the bike is still stock, so is running lean. To really get that smooth roar, I’d need to do a complete Stage I exhaust and add a Power Commander III.

Maybe I just expected the engine to be a little smoother, soundwise, than it actually is.

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One Response to Nothing’s Wrong, Apparently

  • Dale, the 2006 didn’t present those noises. I’ve got some friends with ’07s and they complain some, but haven’t made changes. There was a recall on the ’07 for an excessive lean-burn condition which caused stalling at higher altitudes. The one guy who got the recall done no longer mentions the decel noises. Perhaps it’s *just enough* to alleviate that and might be worth looking into if yours is one of the recall unit.