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Into the Shop

Tomorrow, the FJR goes into the shop for some work.

I’m having an annoying little problem of misfiring and occasional popping on deceleration.

I’m taking it back to North County house of Motorcycles for this one, since it’s been doing it since I got it. when I first got it, the indicated that the bike had been sitting for about a month, so the injectors probably needed to be cleaned out.

Well, I’ve run a whole bottle of injector cleaner through it (1/3 bottle for three tanks) and it’s still doing it. So, since I’ve got two years unlimited warranty for free–as well as prepaid maintenance–tomorrow is the day for fixing it.

I’m hoping it’s just a faulty O2 sensor, throttle position sensor, or exhaust leak. Maybe a bad injector, and not something more serious.

So, I’ll be spending my morning hanging around the dealership.

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