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Stock Windshield Back On

I think the Cal-Sci windshield is gonna be a wintertime shield only.

Today it was about 90 degrees. Hot. I rode to Office Depot this afternoon for some compressed air bottles for the job I posted about below. And, as I mentioned previously, the Cal Sci shield cocooned me in a quiet, perfect cocoon of still air. Not even the hint of a breeze reached me through my armored mesh jacket.

Perfectly still, breezeless, 100-degree air. It’s great. If you’re baked frickin’ potato.

So, the stocker went back on, and the Cal-Sci went back into its pretty purple sock, and its shipping box. I’ll see it again in October, I think. For now, that extra air-flow is necessary in the desert summer that’s coming.

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3 Responses to Stock Windshield Back On

  • This kind of factoid is very helpful to those of us who may follow in your tire tracks.


  • Another weekend like this and I’ll be doing the same. Guess its supposed to cool back after this weekend though. 98 in Vista, don’t want to know what you just wnet through.

  • Do any of these Farkles like the cam throttle job void the warranty on your new scooter?