Farkles Arrived!

All of my remaining bike mods arrived today. As soon as I got home, I put them on the bike. In fact, the picture to the left is my bike. I took it right after I got everything installed.

They aren’t much, as far as mods are concerned. A passenger backrest, my Cal-Sci windshield, the black reflective racing stripes, and the G2 Ergo Throttle Cam.

They don’t change the looks of the bike much–although I really like the racing stripes–and I think I’m pretty much finished with farkling.

Chris helped me with the stripes, and I think they came out nice. Th really nice thing, as far as she’s concerned, is the passenger backrest. when i first got the bike, she got on the back, and the lack of a backrest really bothered her. she didn’t feel comfortable at all, even though we were just sitting in the driveway. But, once I got the backrest on, and she got on the bike, she felt a lot better. She likes the seat, and, since the backrest comes up just to the bottom of her shoulder blades, she says it’s very comfy.

She wants to take a ride on Sunday. I’m ready to roll.