THIS Is the Bike I Want!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you..the Buell 1125ST!

Now here’s a bike that has everything I want. A fully-faired, touring-ready version of the Buell 1125R. What’s not not like about this bike. It has everything I want! A full fairing with electrically-adjustable windshield. The 146HP, water-cooled Rotax engine. Two 12-volt electrical outlets to power aftermarket stuff. A stereo system in the fairing. The Ulysses 2-up seat. Full luggage.

This bike has everything! Massive power on tap, unparalleled corner-carving ability. Great weather protection. Comfort for two people.

This bike has it all.

In fact, the only possible drawback there is to this motorcycle is…it doesn’t exist.

I know I’d buy it if it did, though.