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Well, that didn’t last long…

I took the bike into Biggs today, so they could install the rear brake pads they were supposed to install last week. I also had them look at the stereo system, to see if they could install it. They looked at it, and hemmed and hawed, and basically came to the conclusion that they didn’t want to mess with it.

However, I talked to one of the techs, and pointed out the battery tender connection under the tank. He though that I could probably connect to that to power the stereo, although it isn’t switched, so I’d have to unplug it every time I turned the bike off.

Well, I though, That was worth a try. I could velcro the amp inside one of the saddle bags, and run thew wires under the seat. So, I went to Radio Shack and bought some wire connectors, then to AutoZone for a connecter that would mate to the battery tender connector.

As soo as I got home, I spliced the wire connectors, then trotted out to the driveway to connect the amp to the battery tender cable. I plugged it in, just to see if the little LED on the amp would come on. It did, for about one second. Then something inside the amp went POP!, and smoke started curling out of it.

So much for one 200-watt amp. I opened the 5Ah fuse in the amp power cable, and it was fried, the way it was supposed to be, but it obviously didn’t fry before destroying the amplifier. So, now I have two expensive, and completely non-functional speakers.


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3 Responses to Well, that didn’t last long…

  • Great blog.
    I’ve just purchased a 1200c and have been searching for pictures with different mods. I’m overseas and will pick it up in June when I get home.
    You’ve got all the pics and have common sense evaluations of the bike and your mods.
    I’ve been riding Japanese bikes for over 20 years. Figured I’d by a Harley after taking my buddy’s 1200c for a ride. It’s similar to my Intruder 800(94′) in the way it handles and power, but it’s a Harley and I’ll feel better about riding an American Bike.

    I have driven a Fat boy and 1600 Vulcan for short rides and didn’t really like the feel of a heavier bike. I grew up riding dirt bikes and like to have a more nimble machine to manuever, with enough power to cruise down the highway.I am a commuter rider for the most part, with an ocasional weekend cruise of the mountains.

    Two ups for me will consist of giving the kids a short ride and maybe the wife, she’s not big on bikes. I will get some small throw over saddle bags and probably the short detachable win screen. Those mini-boards and grips look like a good deal as well.
    Thanks for the info and pics.


  • That really sux Dale, sorry to hear it.

    If I may offer a suggestion, try to find a small, custom bike shop in your area. I take my 1200C to one, and get quality work with much better customer service, and a cheaper price on labor to boot.

    Good luck & ride safe.

  • I agree with Joker. You will get 100 times better service if you stay away from the dealerships. You will save big $ too!