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My New Stereo

Well, finally, the stereo set I ordered arrived.

But, there’s a problem.

I can’t figure out where to put the amplifier. There is absolutely no room under the seat. No way. no how. and the power lines to the amp are only about 14 inches long, so it can’t be mounted too far away from the fuse box.

So, I’m stuck. I think I’m gonna need professional help with this one.

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2 Responses to My New Stereo

  • Dale,

    If you’re not opposed to help from a couple of “Mass-holes,” you should ask Crusty about it. He’s been wrenching on bikes for years and may be able to help you here.

    Here’s a link to his blog:


    Can’t hurt to ask.

  • I know a gal who had the amp put into her saddlebag. She has the same sporty.