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Well, it’s about time to take the girl back to the shop. I’ve put over 9,000 miles on the bike since July. With the exception of a couple of weeks here and there in January and February–including two straight weeks of rain in Febuary, I’ve ridden her to work every day. And everywhere I can ride, too.

Of course, having the dogs and the chick, my weekends are usually devoted to driving the truck around on errands. My truck now has just broken 10,000 miles, and I’ve had it since 3/17/07. So the majority of that mileage came in the four months I drove it before getting the motorcycle, and a road trip to Tucson and back last year.

Now that the bike is approaching 10,000 miles, it’s time for a service, oil change, etc. And, unfortunately, a new back tire as well. So this will be an expensive trip to the dealer.

My local dealer, by the way, is still open. Apparently, according to a commenter here, Biggs is looking for a new owner. The Oceanside shop is essentially permanently closed, unless the new owner, whoever that might be, decides to re-open it.

It’d be cool if NY Mike decided to buy the dealership and incorporate it into San Diego Harley. There’s a good chance that I’d get my old service writer and parts consultant back if they did, since they are now working at the SD Harley at Claremont Mesa.

But, that’s for the future. For now, it’s going to be an expensive 10k checkup for the Sporty.

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