Still Waiting

So, despite the fact that I ordered the stereo amp and speakers Friday night, they didn’t actually ship it until today. The Motorcycle Tunes folks in Amarillo are apparently not too terribly infected with the “Get’r Done!” mentality.

UPS picked up the box today, so, It’ll probably not gt here until Monday or Tuesday. Then we’ll see whether this is an installation I can do, or if I have to take it to the dealer for the electrical work.

Dropped Off the Bike Today

Well, the 10K maintenance bill is finally due. I’m having the 10K maintenance–about $400–and a new rear tire and brake pads installed–about $300.

Considering that I also had an unexpected trip to the dentist this week for a crown to be installed, this is turning into an expensive week.

About the rear brake pads. I didn’t really have to replace them. They’re still good. I’m just not sure I can get away with the current pads for another 10k miles. But, I have a buddy at work who tried to make it through a whole set of rear pads, and eventually, the pads wore down to metal, and he ended up having to get a new rotor, too.

So, better to toss a half-used set of pads, than risk a mistake like that.

By the way, nice try on the service writer’s part in trying to get me to replace the front tire too. “It’s getting kind of low, too,” he says. Uh-huh. Quarter inch of tread left all round. I think I can wait till the next rear tire replacement.

Anyway, it’s in their hands now. Which means i have to drive th truck to work tomorrow.