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Not a Good Sign

So, I’m at Biggs Harley getting the bling I talk about below installed, and I check out the motor clothes department. They are offering some really nice discounts in the motor clothes, like 45% off of leather jackets.

I decided to look for some boots for the OL. They had a couple of different ones that she’d like, but every time I asked if they had them in her size, which is relatively common (size 7), they didn’t have any. So, I went up to the counter to see what they dids have in her size, and I see a little sign next to the cash register:


I asked the sales guy, “Hey, if I buy her a pair of boots and they don’t fit, I can’t bring them back?”

“Nope,” he says. “Sorry”

“Well, that makes it kind of hard to do any gift buying, doesn’t it?”


“OK, then. Nevermind. I guess I don’t need to buy any boots here.”

Now this is the same dealer that, a month ago, closed their Oceanside location for “remodeling”, and fired most of the people in San Marcos, replacing them with some Oceanside employees.

“Hmmmm,” I think to myself. “The oceanside store is closed, half of the employees are fired, they’re clearing out motor clothes with deep discounts, and all sales are final.”

I’m thinking that none of these things are a good sign that a) the “remodeling” in Oceanside is actively occurring, or b) things are going well at the San Marcos dealership. These things seem like signs that Biggs Harley is seriously downsizing. Maybe all the way down, if you know what I mean.

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3 Responses to Not a Good Sign

  • They closed the Oceanside store the day after we ordered (and paid for) ALOT of add-ons there. Fortunately, we’ve got half the order from the San Marcos store, but we are still waiting on the other half of the order. Hope it comes in before something happens at the San Marcos store.

    BTW, at our last visit the check on our order status, we asked the parts salesman about the “remodel” at the Oceanside store. The parts guy said that there’s no remodel, it’s closed for good. FWIW

  • Why am I not surprised?

  • I was at Biggs San Marcos yesterday. A guy there said that the business is looking for a new owner. The Oceanside store won’t reopen, unless whoever buys the business wants to reopen it. Otherwise San Marcos has no plans to close (yet).