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New Accessories Installed

Finally, after a two-week wait, my Kuryakin ISO Mini-Boards arrived. I took off early from work, and headed over to the dealership to have them installed. Also, after I ordered the mini-boards, I picked up the ISO grips as well, after seeing a lot of people say good things about them on the HD Forums. Here are some pics of them installed:

So, a couple of things I’ve noticed in the 15-minute trip from the dealership to the house.

First, the boards are really comfortable! There’s a lot of room for moving your feet around to different positions. That’s really nice compared to the pegs. They also have the rubber isolators, and they really seem to cut way down on the felt vibration. They are also very–and easily–adjustable. There two hex set screws to loosen, and you can set the boards to any angle you desire in minutes. They really are way superior to the foot pegs.

The grips are very nice as well. The rubber isolaters really kill a lot of the vibration, and they provide a very good grip. The rubber is also kind of springy and very comfortable. Having the throttle boss is handy as well, since you can loosen up your grip a whole lot, and just push the throttle boss with the palm of your hand.

The miniboards and the grips were about 90 bucks apiece, and the extra comfort really seems to make them a steal at that price. I think they look good, but the comfort is the real gem of these accessories. I highly recommend them.

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6 Responses to New Accessories Installed

  • An excellent concise yet informative review. I’ve been wondering about both these items myself for a short while and you’re review has answered my main questions ie regarding improvements in comfort and vibration reduction. I shall probably be investing in these as soon as funds permit.

  • Dale,

    I REALLY like the look of those! I’ve been thinking the whole off-season what to replace my factory pegs and grips with. These look like the perfect solution.

    One question though. I’m putting an engine guard/crash bar identical to yours on my bike also. I want to put a set of highway pegs on there because I have really long legs and need to stretch out on long rides. Do you know if they make a set of pegs to match those mini-boards and hand grips?

    Thanks and Ride Safe!

  • Yeah, Kuryakin makes matching highway pegs. All of the Kuryakin ISO line pretty much matches.

  • Thanks again for the post Dale.

    I liked the look of them so much on your ride, I just ordered a set-up for mine last night. I’m getting the mini-boards with matching hand-grips, and both passenger and crash-bar foot pegs. I didn’t need that 300 bucks anyway!

    I was going to get the Throttle Boss, but the guy down at my shop talked me into the Cruise Mate instead. http://www.cruise-mate.com/Products.htm

    He uses one on his bike and swears by it. Maybe if I’m lucky, in four or five more weeks, I’ll be able to let you know how I like it.

  • give us an update on how you like the mini floorboards after a bit of use, if you don’t mind. I’m really interested in hearing about that. Thanks.

  • Ny opinion hasn’t changed. They’re really comfy, and a BIG improvement over the stock pegs and grips.