Not a Good Sign

So, I’m at Biggs Harley getting the bling I talk about below installed, and I check out the motor clothes department. They are offering some really nice discounts in the motor clothes, like 45% off of leather jackets.

I decided to look for some boots for the OL. They had a couple of different ones that she’d like, but every time I asked if they had them in her size, which is relatively common (size 7), they didn’t have any. So, I went up to the counter to see what they dids have in her size, and I see a little sign next to the cash register:


I asked the sales guy, “Hey, if I buy her a pair of boots and they don’t fit, I can’t bring them back?”

“Nope,” he says. “Sorry”

“Well, that makes it kind of hard to do any gift buying, doesn’t it?”


“OK, then. Nevermind. I guess I don’t need to buy any boots here.”

Now this is the same dealer that, a month ago, closed their Oceanside location for “remodeling”, and fired most of the people in San Marcos, replacing them with some Oceanside employees.

“Hmmmm,” I think to myself. “The oceanside store is closed, half of the employees are fired, they’re clearing out motor clothes with deep discounts, and all sales are final.”

I’m thinking that none of these things are a good sign that a) the “remodeling” in Oceanside is actively occurring, or b) things are going well at the San Marcos dealership. These things seem like signs that Biggs Harley is seriously downsizing. Maybe all the way down, if you know what I mean.

New Accessories Installed

Finally, after a two-week wait, my Kuryakin ISO Mini-Boards arrived. I took off early from work, and headed over to the dealership to have them installed. Also, after I ordered the mini-boards, I picked up the ISO grips as well, after seeing a lot of people say good things about them on the HD Forums. Here are some pics of them installed:

So, a couple of things I’ve noticed in the 15-minute trip from the dealership to the house.

First, the boards are really comfortable! There’s a lot of room for moving your feet around to different positions. That’s really nice compared to the pegs. They also have the rubber isolators, and they really seem to cut way down on the felt vibration. They are also very–and easily–adjustable. There two hex set screws to loosen, and you can set the boards to any angle you desire in minutes. They really are way superior to the foot pegs.

The grips are very nice as well. The rubber isolaters really kill a lot of the vibration, and they provide a very good grip. The rubber is also kind of springy and very comfortable. Having the throttle boss is handy as well, since you can loosen up your grip a whole lot, and just push the throttle boss with the palm of your hand.

The miniboards and the grips were about 90 bucks apiece, and the extra comfort really seems to make them a steal at that price. I think they look good, but the comfort is the real gem of these accessories. I highly recommend them.