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Rain, Rain, and More Rain

I’m really starting to hate the rain. It’s been raining for the last week here in Southern California, and I haven’t been able to ride my bike for 10 days now. I hope I haven’t forgotten how.

The poor bike has just been sitting in the garage, lonely and ignored.

Today, it didn’t rain, but, unfortunately, I didn’t get to ride. Beautiful clear skies, temps in the 70s, and I had to take care of the dogs. I have a male boxer, Apollo, and a female cane corso, Contessa. Both of them are great dogs–although that’s probably because we are constantly training them.

They are also both very athletic, high-energy dogs. They really need daily exercise. But, when it rains, they just don’t get it. we can’t take them to the dog park, or, really, anywhere else. Both of them refuse to go out in the rain unless they really have to. Contessa, for example, won’t even go to the bathroom until she just can’t hold it any more. Both of them though, when you take the to the door to let them out, will take one step outside, feel the rain and the cold, and immediately back up into the house again.

So, I haven’t been riding, and they haven’t been getting exercise. As a result, they’ve been bouncing off the walls.

So, since today was a nice day, my primary responsibility was to take them out and let them burn off that excess energy. So, we left the house at about 9:20 this morning, and drove the dogs out to Dog Beach in Del Mar. They got to romp and play on the beach until they finally got tired out at about 1:30 this afternoon. Then it was home for post-beach dog bathing.

All the way out to the beach, and all the way back, there were motorcycles everywhere. road Kings, Ultra Classics, BMW LTs, Softails, CBR1000’s; just about everybody with a motorcycle was out riding today.

But not me.

And, it started raining agin this evening, and it’s scheduled to rain for the next three days.

At least the dogs had a good day.

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3 Responses to Rain, Rain, and More Rain

  • My dog passed away in September. Your dogs look great. Maybe some more training and they will go out when you tell them to rain or shine. Congratulations on being listed on Clutch And Chrome. How about adding me to your blogroll?

  • Well, to be fair, they only see rain about once a year, so it’s kinda hard to reinforce the training over time.

    I added you to the blogroll.

  • Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I wish I only saw rain once a year. I remember at leats once when I let my dog out to go in the rain and I forgot he was out there. Poor guy was waiting at the door all wet. He was such a good dog. Dogs are alot of work. They are like children that never grow up and can never and will never be able to take care of themselves.