Tourmaster Riding Clothes

Two weeks ago, I went in to North County Yamaha, and purchased the Tourmaster Pivot 2 textile jacket. I love it!

It has hard CE armor at the elbows and shoulders, soft armor for the back, a toasty warm zip-out quilted liner, and for when it’s warm, frickin’ vents everywhere. It’s waterproof and windproof.

I’ve been wearing it every day on my way into work. Temps in the morning have been down in the 40s and 50s, and so far, it’s kept me as warm as I could want. I highly recommend it.

The only downside has been that, since I only have leather chaps, my legs have been a little cool after 15 minutes or so. And, of course, since chaps are crotchless, my naughty bits have been decidely cooler than I’d like.

So, I went back to NCY this afternoon after work, and picked up a pair of Tourmaster Venture pants. It’s got exactly the same features the jacket has, with hard CE armor at the knees, and soft hip armor. The legs unzip all the way to the thigh, so you can slip ’em on over your pants and boots. The pants and jacket also have a mating KYY zipper so you can hook them together. the pants also have a long velcro strip at the bottom, so you can bind them tightly around your ankles.

Tomorrow morning, I’m taking a two-hour ride up to LA for Turkey Day with the family. I’m a lot happier about the ride knowing that my junk won’t freeze off.

Price for the jacket: $129. Price for the pants: $109. As far as I’m concerned, anything this well made and this versatile is well worth the money.