It’s Like a Whole New Bike

Now that I’ve had several post-Stage I days of riding the Sporty, I have to say that it doesn’t feel like the same bike I bought in July.

It pulls hard in every gear. Grab a handful of throttle and it wants to dump you off the back. It just never seems like the bike is straining at any speed. When I first got it, I was disappointed at how it seemed like it was poorly suited for the open highway, but now, I’ve been cruising at 88MPH on the highway all week, and it just purrs along.

I knew, intellectually, that the Stage I would add some pep to it. But everything–performance, sound, and feel–is pretty much exactly what I was hoping for when I first got it.

And I love having the bags and trunk for it. When I go to work, I can carry all my stuff, and when I get there, I can lock up all my riding gear, instead of wearing it or lugging it all into the building with me.

Finally, it’s exactly how I want it.

Whether I keep it or not, is now pretty much up to The Lovely Christine. She is starting to ride 2-up with me on trips around town. The Sporty’s fine for that, but she’s also talking about longer trips. That would get a little cramped.

Right now, I’m thinking that she might get to the point where she might want to start riding again herself. In that case, a used V Star 650 would probably be perfect for her, and I could just keep the Sportster.

If not, though, at this time next year I might be looking for another bike. Probably a Harley FLH-series bike. Not the Ultra Classic Electra Glide. Too much crap on that for me. But, maybe a Road King, Road Glide or Electra Glide Classic would be nice for 2-up riding, and still a good commuting bike. I am really conflicted about which one I’d prefer, however.

My initial thought is the Road King. That bike is just a work of art, visually. I’d have to spend a pretty penny–again–to get it set up the way I’d want, though. The Road Glide has everything I want, but I’m iffy on the look of that shark-nosed fairing. The Electra Glide Classic has everything I want,too, but having ridden an Ultra, I don’t like the extra steering weight of the batwing. I’d probably want to detach the Tour-Pak for daily commuting, too.

Every bike has something I like, and something I don’t.

We’ll have to see how that develops.