Why Forums Suck

When I decided to get back into biking, I joined the Harley Davidson forums. It’s about the biggest, unofficial forum for Harley’s around. It’s generally full of good people, and good information

But, now, I’m remembering why I left the Usenet/forums/discussion groups world a few years ago. because on every forum, there’s always one wackjob that ruins it. I’ve found the wackjob. There’s a member who goes by the name of YoDaddyKieth, who joined in September, and somehow, I’ve become his personal whipping boy.

I post in a couple of the sub-forums, and I guess I made the mistake of posting in the touring forum. The subject was crotch rockets, and the silly stuff their riders get up to, like doing wheelies on the freeway at 80 miles an hour. Usually they only kill themselves, but is some cases, they also take out 10 year-old bystanders and the like.

So, I opined that stunting on public roads–which is already an infraction–should be punished by a heavy fine, confiscation of the bike, and revokation of the riders MC endorsement. There are plenty of places to do stunting where you don’t become a safety hazard on public roads.

So, loony-boy replies with:

Come on Dale Franks, get real

Guys like you think you have mastered bikes because you can hold one up and defy gravity tween stop lights…..and you think that’s the limit all bikers should stop at.

I got a lesson for you Dale. Holding a bike up tween redlights is only the beginning of the experience……If stunt riders threaten you and make you feel inadequate, then park your bike……either that or learn to compete with them, but don’t diss a rider who can outride you.

Let’s face it, you bought a Sporty hoping it would make you appear more masculine…you were attempting to capitalize on the ‘vision’ and make yourself more manly looking, huh?…..well, you can tag along as long as you want and enjoy the benifits, but only as long as you don’t try to place stops on the real bikers if we scare you.

I haver a good friend my age from Burma….I made a beer run to his store last night…..He looked out the window at my new bike and made a comment about how badly he wanted one….I told him to go get one….He then pointed to his almost bald dome and said he had recently spent 20K with Bosley on a hair transplant and couldn’t afford the bike and that his wife would never allow it….I laffed at his wasted bucks and misdirected efforts at making himself more attractive and ‘adequate’….Then I told him that 20K he spent with Bosley would have bought him a bike that would put hair on his chest….He didn’t get it.

I bet neither will you.

See ya round Dale.

Now, keep in mind that this is a guy I’ve hardly had any contact with on the forum at all, but I’ve clearly touched a button with this wierdo.

Then, I get an unsolicited Private Message from him, saying:

WTF are you doing in the touring forum?

Because you added bags to your Sporty?….It don’t work that way Dale….this is just like the hwy where your bike has to actually tote the load, not simply look like it will or you will be left behind….and believe me, it won’t, and you will.

Go home-put your hair on-strip the bags off-and be happy you got a Sporty…….If you really want to keep up with the baggers and join in the conversation and the experience, then you gotta pay the price of admission like I did.You can park your bagged sporty next to me and hope to look like me, but don’t fret or bother to keep up once I decide to roll.

What’s sad is the fact you started with a Sporty and dropped tons o money in it trying to make it a bagger….For the same money you could have had the real thing.

Trust me, I got both bikes(and thick curly hair) and I know there is no way to convert either bike to the other-or you to me. Stop wasting your time and money. You only embarrass yourself trying….It’s comedy, and it’s sad.

It’s really too bad though that thick, curly hair and a big Harley still isn’t a substitute for a tiny, childlike cock.

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

I don’t much care what people say in the forum itself. I mean, that’s public, and everyone can see it and make their own conclusions about it. But once you start PM’ing a total stranger with this level of personal abuse, you’re really moving over into Creepy Territory.

And it’s almost impossible to join almost any forum, on almost any subject, without raving loons like this crawling out of the woodwork. Back in the day, the Usenet and discussion group world–while it had it’s share of characters–didn’t have this level of basic wierdness.

But, I guess that once computers and internet access got cheap enough for even lunatics to purchase, it was inevitable.