Will I become a RAT?

That’s the question. I’ve pretty much decided to buy that new 2006 Rocket Classic. But, I can’t buy it until next month, when I can put some cash into the deal.

Chris is talking about taking a two-up trip out to Yuma, and some other places over the winter, when it’s cool enough to ride in the desert during the day. If so, that’s a lot of highway driving, and I’d rather do it on a big cruiser, rather than the Sporty. It’d be both a lot more comfortable, and provide us with a lot more luggage space. Comparatively, that is.

As I figure it, the dealer is willing to clip $1,500 of the price of the Rocket, and toss out all the dealer prep charges. Then they’ll give me $7,000 for the Sporty. I’m willing to toss in $3,000 in cash. That would eat up $4,500 of the $7,000 in negative equity I have on the Sportster. So, I’d have to roll over the extra $2,500 hundred in negative equity onto the Rocket, which would give me a monthly payment of about $350, which is $50 per month more than I’m currently paying on the Sportster.

That’s what I’d like to do, at least. The thing is, I won’t have that $3,000 until the middle of October, so I can’t do the deal until then. The guys at the dealership told me that they’ll keep the paperwork ready if I come back next month.

It’s getting cooler, so the riding season for this year is coming to a close. So, will that 2006 still be there next month? After all it’s a 2006, and it’s been there for two years. On the other hand, the salespeople are trying to push it out the door. So, it’s an open question as to whether someone will buy the bike in the next three weeks.

I’m not gonna go back and look at it any more. But, next month, when I go in, ready to make the deal, if it’s there, I’m gonna do the deal. If it’s not…well, then I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

All I can do is keep my fingers crossed.

Author: Dale Franks

Dale Franks is the former host of The Business Day, ”a daily, four-hour business and financial news program on KMNY Radio in Los Angeles. From 2002-2004, he was a contributor on military and international affairs for TechCentralStation.com. Currently, he a publisher and editor of the monthly political journal The New Libertarian, as well as an editor of the popular web log, Q and O. Dale served as a military police officer in the United States Air Force from 1984 to 1993, in variety of assignments both in the United States and Europe, where he also was assigned to the staff of the Headquarters of Allied Forces Central Europe. In addition to broadcasting, writing, and speaking on various topics, Dale has also been a long-time technical training instructor on a variety of computer software and technology subjects. Dale has also long been involved with information technology as an accomplished web designer, programmer, and technologist, serving as the corporate knowledge specialist for Microsoft Outlook at SAIC, the nation's largest employee-owned corporation. Additionally, he is the author of a number of software user guides used for classroom training by one of Southern California’'s premier computer training and consulting firms. His book, SLACKERNOMICS: Basic Economics for People Who Find Economics Boring, is available from Barnes & Noble.