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Wanna Buy a Sportster?

Actually, you probably don’t. In fact, I doubt anyone will.

But I put a sales ad on Craig’s List and Backpage.com, with an asking price of $12,500. With all the extras on the bike, you never know, someone might bite.

The thing is, the more I know about the Rocket, the more I want one. And that 2006 R3 Classic is just sitting in the showroom, with an unbelievable price on it. Actually, they still have the old full-price sticker on it, but in going back and going over the deal again yesterday, I now know what they’re actually willing to take for it.

The rocket I’m looking at looks exactly like the one in the picture. Same year, same model, same color scheme. Oh, I’d dress it up a bit. Get Rivco engine guards, some bags, and maybe a windshield. But this is how it looks in the showroom. Already has floorboards, heel & toe shifters, and the big brake pedal, with a really relaxed riding position.

Unfortunately, with what I owe on a new Sporty, I am too upside down on my loan to take the trade-in loss, and pick this baby up.

I could still do it. My credit is really good, so I am already approved for the loan, but I would really be buying two bikes instead of one if I did that. Which is only worth the money, of course, if you are actually buying two bikes.

So, I’m putting the Sporty up for sale, but, like I said, it’s difficult to see how anyone will bite at 12.5k. Although, I can do a financing deal through the local Harley dealership, which might attract someone who doesn’t have the cash to buy it outright.

But, if I can get out from under the Sportster, I can go ahead and get the Rocket for a really good price.

I don’t know what I’ll call this blog if I do that, though.

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2 Responses to Wanna Buy a Sportster?

  • I can certainly sympathize with your struggle to be satisfied with the Sportster. I have many of the same thoughts come up from time to time. It’s hard to really figure out why. I should be happy with what I have.

    Maybe the ego plays a big part in all this. If one was to be purely practical, they would have a practical bike. I consider the Sportster-the only practical bike Harley makes, especially when you take cost into consideration.

    Overkill as far as engine size, bike size etc. is certainly the ego’s domain… Even so, that Rocket sure looks cool! I could see myself on one of those too, now if I could just…

  • Well, I’m not sure I agree with you on the practicality. I’m not convinced at all that the Sporty would be practical for a two-up trip out of town. It’s great for commuting, and local riding, though.