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Remember Your Keys

When I got back to the office from lunch today, I left the keys in the Sporty. I saw the lights were still on about an hour later. after work, I hopped on, hit the starter…and it wouldn’t start.

I ended up having to push my bike out of the parking lot to an access road that went down a hill, then getting it going down the hill and releasing the clutch.

Vroom! She started right up. I guess she charged fine during the 45-minute ride home. But I’ll try to remember to have the keys in my hand when I get off the bike.

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One Response to Remember Your Keys

  • I found your blog very interesting. I myself am going through the same sort of thing.. Shopping for a bike and many of the comments and thoughts you put to pen will help me out in my quest. Do the HD dealers deal much on the sticker price? I mean, is it like buying a car? You didn’t mention much about the haggling side of the purchase. Also, keep us updated. I’m interested to hear about all the add-on’s!

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