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Rain, Rain, Go Away…

Every morning when I get up, I check weather.com to see the day’s forecast. If there’s no rain, I’m riding the Sporty to work. I’ve come to depend on them to give me the straight scoop about the weather, but, today, they let me down. The original forecast for today was partly to mostly cloudy, with a high of 71. Looked good to me, so I got on my bike and went off to work.

So, I’m about 15 minutes from work, when it began pouring rain.

Fortunately, it was cool, so I was dressed out, wearing chaps, an MA-1 flight jacket, my orange Icon Mil-Spec vest, and my full-face helmet. So, at least I stayed mostly dry. except for my crotch, of course, where the chaps don’t cover. When I got to work, it looked like I had peed my pants.

Traction for the bike was mostly good, except for one scary moment when I was turning on base. They have these concrete chicanes set up, on the road that leads to my office–an anti-terrorism measure I guess. So, when you turn on the road, you have to cross over to the other side of the road to go around the first chicane. When the rear tire hit the paint strip, it slipped. Gave me a scary second, there.

what wasn’t so good was the brakes. man, as soon as the rotors on the Sportster get wet, they lose about 50% of their grabbiness. I came up to a stop light,hit the front and rear brakes and…nothing happened. So I squeezed and stomped a bit more…and more…and more…and finally the bike slowed. Just in time, too, since I was getting concerned about the tailgate of the truck I was approaching.

Fortunately, the rain cleared off in the late morning, so everything was dry on the way home.

The thing is, as soon as I got to my office, I pulled up weather.com, to see the forecast again. Now, it told me there would be rain until about 10:00AM.

Would’ve been nice to have an accurate forecast 45 minutes earlier.

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