Call Me Mr. Indecisive

Well, you know, I’m so conflicted on this it’s not even funny. A week ago I was dead set to buy the Rocket. Today, I’m thinking that I could just get saddlebags, Stage 1, and maybe a 55-tooth rear sprocket for lower RPM highway cruising, and just keep the Sporty for another year or two. I could do all the stuff on my Harley Wish List, and keep my payment down below $250 month (although I pay $300, just to stay ahead a bit), give me better highway performance and gas mileage–although the sprocket would cut the low-end performance a bit–and it’d probably be a great all-round bike. Toss on the big tour bag on the luggage rack, and the Sporty would probably be just fine for two up touring, if a bit cramped.

‘Cause I’m also looking at the maintenance costs, too. That big ‘ol 240 Metzler rear tire on the Rocket costs about $250, and it has to be replaced every 6000-8000 miles. I’d go through at least two sets a year, plus one of the 170 Metzler’s on the front, which aren’t any cheaper. And, on top of that, carrying over the negative equity on the Sporty, would make the payment just shy of $350 a month. Looked at that way, the ongoing costs are steeper than keeping the Sporty.

Financially, keeping the Sporty is probably the wisest choice, by a long shot.

Hmmm. Now that I’ve talked it out all day at the HD Forums, I’m moving back into the Sportster camp.


Why can’t I just have every bike want?