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No Bike

For a couple of days, it’s back to the truck for me. I noticed the bike had developed an oil leak, So I called to see if I could get it into the shop.

Biggs Harley couldn’t schedule an appointment for me until 12 September. I called San Diego Harley, and they told me they just had a cancellation, so I could bring my bike in today.

As it turns out, it was the oil pump. So, hopefully, if they have one in stock, they can fix it, and I can pick it up tomorrow night.

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3 Responses to No Bike

  • Almost nothings worse than no bike Dale. I symathize with your situation. It’s also bad to have a bike sitting unridden because of a long icy winter. You live in So-Cal and are fortunate in being able to ride year round!

    What year is your Sportster?

  • Call Temecula Motorcycle Service…


    Only place I take my bike to, and they only do Harleys. It’s more expensive than the dealer, but everyone I know around here agrees they’re the best HD shop.

  • It’s a 2007 1200C