Ride Like a Pro DVD

I got the Ride Like a Pro IV DVD a few days ago, and watched it that evening. It’s a pretty good instructional DVD.

First, though, a negative point. Cops are not funny. If they were, we’d pay them to make us laugh. That isn’t what we pay them to do, though. We pay comedians to do that. So, I could do without the lame attempts at humor. I’m sure Jerry “Motorman” Paladino provokes howls of laughter from his fellow deputies in the squad room, but on DVD, for the rest of us…not so much.

The other thing I’m sure of is that he certainly has the techniques down for controlling your motorcycle through slow speed maneuvering. He goes through each of the exercises, demonstrates them, then shows both experienced and new riders doing the exercises. They are also shown from a variety of angles, in regular and slow motion, and even from the rider’s point of view via a head cam.

I’ve been practicing the techniques on the road, and I’ve overcome my fear of maneuvering the bike at slow speeds, turning, maneuvering through parking lots, etc.

The techniques are just amazingly helpful, and make you feel like you really do have much better control of your scoot.

If you really want a challenge, the DVD also includes all the exercises contained in the Florida Motorcycle Patrol officer’s course, too. Although, Motorman warns you quite strongly that it will take at least 8 hours of solid practice to do them without error, and that you will drop your bike a few times when you do them. Also, at least one of them will injure or kill you if you screw it up.

One of the things about the exercises is that you really need cones to mark out the paths. I went to Big 5 Sporting Goods, and picked up these Nike soccer cones. They’re made of soft PVC, and are about 8 inches wide and about 3 inches tall. They look like little, round, hollow pyramids with a hole on top. The great thing about them is that they’re very visible, and are designed for doing agility drills with your feet without turning your ankle if you step on them, so if you run over them, they simply flatten out, and pop back up. They’re perfect, and they only cost $10 for a set of ten cones.

I highly recommend the DVD. Also, if you live in the LA area, they do RLAP classes in Los Angeles, so for those of us who live all the way across the country from Florida, we have a chance to actually take the RLAP course, too.