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Know Your Bike

It’s been more than a week of daily riding, and I’m finally starting to get comfortable on the bike. I’m still doing a lot of self-critique of my technique, but the bad really is outweighed by the good in terms of getting familiar.

I’m still feeling out turning, though. I guess I still have a lot of truck mentality in my driving. When the sign says, 40 MPH curve, I slow to 40. But for a bike, that’s a lot of overkill. My Sporty hardly recognizes a 40MPH curve as a curve.

Last night, I took a ride up through the mountainous, curvy roads around Lake Wohlford. I’m practicing on curves to see what the bike can do, and what I am comfortable doing with my riding capabilities. it’s really a matter of judging the curve accurately, knowing the speed at which I can safely take it, and learning to “trust the lean”, without fearing that I’m going to low-side at any minute.

The Sporty really is a nimble bike. If you want to go right, press the right handlebar. If that isn’t enough, press harder. Look as far as you can into the turn. The bike will go where you are looking.

So far, the times when I’ve felt I should’ve done a better job taking a curve, it is almost invariably been because I’ve fixated on a spot on the pavement, rather than looking into the turn, and seeing where I want to end up.

I’m still taking it slow, but I’m building confidence in the bike, and in myself.

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