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Buyer’s Remorse

I love my sporty, but when I went into the dealership today for a quick trip, I took another look at the Dynas. Man, the more I think about it, the more I wish I’d bought one. Or, more precisely, wish I could’ve bought one. I had enough money to buy a nice Sportster, but buying a Dyna with all the same mods would’ve been more than I can afford right now. If hadn’t bought a new Ram 2500 a few months ago, I could afford it, but, well, I did, and that’s that.

They sure do look nice, though, and they feel nice when you sit on ‘em.

For some reason, they feel less top-heavy than the Sportster, even though they weigh considerably more.

They also have a six-speed tranny, which seems like it would be nice for highway driving.

Well, maybe next time…

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