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Buyer’s Remorse Resolved

I went to the dealership this afternoon after work. I looked at a lot of bikes. And when I did, I realized that, for the money, the 1200C is really all the bike I need. I’m not gonna make highway trips. I’m really only going to use it around town, and to go to work. It’s really all the bike I need, and, for the price, and with the mods I have installed on it, it really can’t be beat.

I guess taking an other look was something I just had to do.

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One Response to Buyer’s Remorse Resolved

  • I’m glad you got it resolved. I think a lot of people have buyers remorse after making a big ticket item purchase. The Sportster is a great little bike. Just remember it’s a small, powerful bike and not an all day interstate cruiser. It will do the job, like a Mustang will for cross country vacations, but you will always be more comfortable with something else.