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1000 Miles

Actually, it’s 1,124 miles. This weekend, I took the bike in for it’s 1,000-mile service. It only took me 20 days to rack up those miles, even though I’ve really only taken the bike to work and back. Putting those miles on the bike, by the way, only cost about $80. In the same amount of time driving the truck, that would’ve cost me over $200.

But, let’s not get all giddy over the cost savings just yet. As it happens, my 1,000 mile service cost me $275. So, that’s pretty much what it would have cost me to drive both the bike and the truck to work over the last 20 days.

Fortunately, my next service is due at 5,000 miles, so, hopefully, the cost savings will now begin to kick in.

Except for Wednesday. They’re forecasting scattered thundershowers that day, so I’ll be driving the truck in for that. Since it hasn’t really rained here since January, I suspect that rain will make the roads extremely slippery that day. So, better safe than sorry.

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