Road King Irks Me

So, I’m driving through Temecula, CA, today, going to my mom’s house to celebrate my grandmother’s 89th birthday.

Since I got the bike on Monday, I’ve put about 450 miles on it, so I’m about halfway through the break-in period.

I stop at a light, and a guy in a Road King pulls up next to me. We exchange a few pleasant words. The the light changes, I pull away from him handily at the light, initially, but, I have to start shifting early, keeping the RPMs down, and backing off the throttle. “Zoom!” goes Road King Boy right past me and down the road.

I hate the break-in period.

Mother Doesn’t Freak Out

Well, I rode up to my Mom’s house in Menifee, and surprisingly, she didn’t freak out about the bike. Oh, she wasn’t happy, to be sure, but I guess she figures she can’t really do anything about it. Which she can’t. So there’s no need to have a cow.

I also went to Biggs Harley-Davidson this morning before I took the two-hour ride up there, and picked up a mesh jacket. I’ve been wearing denim shirts and stuff for the last week, but I decided that I should get some real riding gear for my top half. The jacket was 160 bucks, but it has pretty good body armor in the elbows and shoulders. And it was a lot more comfortable riding through the desert than I thought it would be. The mesh really does breathe, and you can feel the air slipping through the mesh and keeping you cool. It was much cooler than a denim shirt, or the German Army camouflage top I’ve been wearing.

The trip up there and back took up about four hours of riding, and after that, I am a bit surprised that my butt isn’t more sore. That Sundowner bucket seat was apparently worth the money, since it was nice to ride all day on it.

I’ve put 500 miles on the bike since I got it. That puts me about halfway through the break-in period. I’ve started opening her up to 60 miles per hour in 5th gear. As I get closer to 1,000 miles, I’ll start putting a little more load on the engine to get it used to it.

I’d really like to see what she can do at highway speeds.