Happy Harleyday! For Real This Time!

Finally, it happened! We got to the dealership today and everything went perfectly. I finally got it.

Here it is. This was my first look at the finished bike. It looks even better now than it did as a basic model sitting on the showroom.

This is the sales guy officially handing the keys over to me. I’m glad Chris was there with her camera to record this historic moment. Of course, now that I have it…I have to ride it.

Here I am taking it out from the parking lot on the first ride.

I ran it in and out of the parking lot, and up and down the little industrial park street to get used to it.

Once I had gotten used to it a bit, and felt comfortable, it was off to the house. I still don’t have my full M1 permit, so instead of going up the I-15, we drove home via Pomerado Road. It was a great drive. Not too many lights, light traffic. Other bikers waving as they passed. It was great. Then, when Pomerado Road ended, we took off through Bandy Canyon and the San Pasqual Valley. It was just a great ride, and perfect, with even a few mild twisties to get used to the bike on.

Once we got her home, though, I had to get into the truck to drive to the Camp Pendleton Motorcycle Training office, to get the little yellow card that allows me to ride a motorcycle on base. Once I did that, I raced back home. I had a little less than an hour to make the 45-minute ride up to the Naval Weapons Station in Fallbrook to register the bike. I made it to the pass & ID office with less than five minutes to spare.

But the bike got registered, so i can drive it to work on Thursday. I did, I admit, go by my office to let the guys look at it. Then it was a 45-minute ride back to the house.

I hated to put the bike up, but, unfortunately, I have other things I have to do. So, I’ll have to be satisfied with 2 1/2 hours on the bike today.

Still, today was a good day.