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Why a Harley?

It’s funny, but I never even thought of getting anything other than a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Well, that isn’t entirely true. I looked at some scooters, initially. Piaggio makes a three-wheeler that leans. It’s kinda cool. But, though they make a 400cc version, it isn’t sold in California, and I don’t like the idea of doing any real street driving with a 250cc bike of any kind. I looked at the big 600cc Honda Silver Wing scooter, too.

But, after a day or so, I wondered, “Why a scooter at all?” For the price of a Silver Wing, I could get a better motorcycle. And, really, the only advantage a scooter has is an automatic tranny.

But, when I test drove the spyder, working the 5-speed gearbox wasn’t any trouble. The most difficult thing about the Spyder, in fact, was the lack of a front brake handle, since the Spyder’s three disc brakes are all operated by the foot pedal. So, I kept grabbing for something on the handlebars that wasn’t there. But working those 5 gears to upshift or downshift came back to me in no time.

And the Silver Wing was almost $10,000. At the end of the day, why get a half motorcycle when for the same price, you can get a real one?

And that brought me to Harley, and the Sportster.

There’s just nothing like a Harley. No other motorcycle company has that…oh, I dunno. mystique. Prestige. Image. Whatever it is, only a Harley has it. And the price of a cruiser from Honda, or Yamaha was the same as–or more–than a Sportster.

I don’t know what it is, but riding a Harley just means something that riding another make doesn’t. There’s a…mythos to the damn things that you can’t escape.

So, I went to the local Harley dealership to start looking.

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