I write stuff. A lot of it is about cars and motorcycles.

I Must be a Bad Influence

I mentioned my friend at work with the V-Star 1100 hundred. Well, he doesn’t have it any more.

When I pulled up to work this morning, in his parking space was a brand new, shiny Midnight Venture 1300 touring bike. It’s got everything. Am/FM stereo, cassette player, cruise control, the whole nine yards. So, while I was buying my motorcycle this weekend, he was, too. Apparently, he went in to find some peg clamps to mount road pegs on his engine guards. Instead of getting them, he got a new motorcycle instead.

He says all my talk about getting a new motorcycle must’ve influenced him. He also said that, as soon as I pick up my bike, I have to drive it over to Oceanside so he can see it.

I think he’s looking for a riding partner. As it happens, so am I.

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