Tomorrow, Compadres…We Ride!

The first session of the MSF course is over. This was all classroom stuff tonight, but tomorrow at 1:00pm, we start riding. Finally. This will be my first time back on a motorcycle since 1987.

And that wasn’t a good time, since I dumped the bike. It was a dirt bike, not a street bike, and I was just blazing through the desert, when I hit a bump. Unfortunately, I was riding with my throttle hand wrist high, and when the front wheel jumped, I rolled to full on throttle. So there I was, flying through the air, still in more or less the proper riding position, and I briefly watched the bike dance on the rear wheel.

Then I met Mr. Ground.

I was OK, and, apart from a few scratches, so was the bike.

I’m hoping tomorrow goes much better than that last ride did, though.

One downer about the class has already appeared. We won’t get our completion certificates for the DMV for 10 business days. So, I can’t get my real license for another two weeks. I’m not even sure we’ll get our wallet cards, either. If so, that means I won’t be able to start riding to work yet.

And, even if we do get the cards, I’m not sure that I can drive the bike onto base with the learner’s permit and the safety card. I guess I’ll have to call–or even better, ride up to the base on Monday, and see what the deal is.