The Countdown Continues

The Service Dept. at San Diego Harley called today, and told me that they were building my bike. It should be finished tomorrow morning, and ready to pick up in the afternoon.

I wish I could do it, but, I’m out of time. I don’t get off of work until 4:00pm, and I have to be at the MSF course which begins tomorrow evening at 6:30. So, I may not get it this weekend at all. The Saturday and Sunday sessions, both of which are riding portions of the course, don’t start until 1:00pm both days, though.

At this point, my tentative plan is to do the Saturday riding portion of the course to see how I feel on a ‘cycle again. If I feel good about where I am, I plan to be at San Diego Harley when the doors open at 9:00am to pick up the bike. That’ll give me a half-hour to do the walk-around, another half-hour to an hour to practice with it on the deserted street next to the dealership, then drive it home.

I’ve already Google-mapped a route that’ll get me home in good time without going on the freeway. I might even ride the ‘cycle to the Sunday session of the class, although I will, of course, use the bikes provided by the course, rather than use my new one for the training.

Then, first thing Monday morning, I’ll take my completion card to the DMV and trade in my learner’s permit for the real M1 license.

Three more days. Getting closer…